P-tec supplies OEMs and CMs around the world
with a broad range of high-performance optoelectronics.

Light emitting diodes

P-tec offers a full line of discrete and packaged LEDs, including Surface Mount (SMD), Thru-Hole, High Power, Seven Segment, Alphanumeric, Dot Matrix, and LED Printed Circuit Board Indicators.

liquid crystal displays

P-tec is your total LCD solution partner, with a variety of Glass Panel, LCD Character Modules, and LCD Graphic Modules. Additionally, we offer high-performance TFTs with available Resistive or Capacitive Touch Panels. All of our LCDs are semi or fully customizable.


led lighting

LED Lighting from P-tec provides an affordable solution for consumers who are looking to lower their overall energy usage. We offer a great selection of highly efficient Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Downlights, UL and DLC listed T8 Tubes, and  LED Flexible Strips

For 30 years, P-tec has manufactured LEDs and LCDs
for many global industries


Industrial controls

P-tec LEDs and LCDs are used in many industrial control applications like programmable logic controllers, power systems, and  many others. 


With High-Power LED headlights and High-Tech Touch Panels integrated into dashboards, the automotive industry utilizes many optoelectronic products.

Oil & gas

With requirements like status indication from LED Displays and Monochrome LCDs, Oil & Gas utilizes optoelectronics in many pieces of equipment. 

test & measurement

Optoelectronics and Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments Manufacturing go hand-in-hand.  T&M instruments play a critical role in nearly every industry.

medical devices

The Medical Devices Industry requires high-performance and long-lasting products like TFTs for digital readouts and diagnostic equipement. 


Semi-custom or fully-custom LED and LCD display instrumentation and status indication panels are vital for safety in the aerospace industry.

Network / Communication

As computers and smart phones continue to expand into our lives, LEDs and LCDs fill roles ranging from status indication to touchscreen displays.

green tech

The Green Tech and Renewable Energy Industries represent two growing global industries that require LEDs and LCDs on a massive scale.

electronic signage

With brilliant light emitted at high brightness and in any color imaginable, the Electronic Signage Industry and LEDs are two peas in a pod. 


A huge variety of discrete and packaged LEDs means our customers can reduce their overall number of vendors.


Customers who want to make slight tweaks to our PCB Indicator and Panel Mount Indicators will have no problem doing so.


fully custom 

Our support team is here to help you with your custom Graphic LCD Module or TFT Module project. 

We build great products because we love what we do.

For 30 years, we've built a company around the idea that we manufacture LEDs and LCDs better than anyone. So, over the years, we've supplied some of the world's best-known brands while remaining flexible enough to supply customers of any size. We're driven by our passion for light emitting diodes and liquid crystal displays -- two complex technologies that have real-world, everyday applicability, which are changing the world for the better. We're proud to be part of that change.  

We're driven by three basic principles

1. Reliability of

2. Excellence of

3. Loyalty to

And we've made some great friends along the way

P-tec has been our number one line for close to 20 years.
They are so responsive and easy to work with that I think of them more like a partner than just a supplier.
— Steve Kruss, President, Light-Waves Electronics