6 Reasons LED T8 Tubes are better than fluorescent tubes


In just a few years, LED T8 Lamps have come a long way. Nowadays, brightness, quality of light, and durability of LED lighting products meet or exceed the standards set by traditional light sources like fluorescent or halogen. LEDs don't stop there, however. In many key areas, LED lighting products like our T8 lamp are the clear choice for a variety of lighting needs. Here are our six favorite:


1. LED T8 Lamps contain no mercury or other harmful toxins

Fluorescent T8s contain toxins like mercury which make them a pain to dispose of. This alone makes fluorescent tubes environmentally unfriendly and incredibly dangerous if handled improperly. LED T8s eliminate this problem altogether. They're easy to dispose of (after years of continuous life, of course) and they contain no harmful toxins. 

2. LED T8 Lamps last for years

By switching to LED T8 Lamps, you're effectively eliminating your need to worry about lighting for years to come. Our T8s are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous life (at which point lumen output reaches 70% of initial output).  

3. LED T8s are rugged and durable

Gone are the days where light tubes and light bulbs shatter when you drop them. LED lighting products like our T8s are built to last. Drop them, smash them, do what you gotta do, chances are, they'll still work just fine.  

4. LED T8  Tubes are highly energy-efficient

If your goal is to be as green as possible, LEDs are a great start. LEDs are roughly 80% more efficient than incandescent lights and up to 50% more efficient than fluorescent lights. This means that switching to LED lights can drastically drop your monthly energy usage. Who doesn't like saving money? 

5. LED T8 Tubes reach full brightness instantly

Are you tired of waiting for fluorescent tubes to "warm up"? LED T8s reach full brightness instantly without the buzzing, humming, and flickering that you're used to with fluorescent lights.  

6. LEDs operate well in a wide variety of environments

Whether you need to illuminate your office or a refrigeration unit, LED T8s work great. With an operating temperature of -40ºC to +85ºC, LED T8s will give you great performance in some of the world's most demanding lighting applications.