Lighting as a Design Tool


Great lighting should be your first consideration for creating a spectacular space. It is a design element that is often overlooked, but lighting can make a big difference in the overall feel of the room. The right lighting not only illuminates great design, but it also becomes a part of it.

Add Space Without Renovating

The right lighting can transform a space without changing anything else about the room's design. For example, by simply adding more light, you can make a room seem larger. Why? Because humans naturally associate darkness with being closed in. Adding light will make the room feel larger because the colors in the room will be brighter.

Change the Feel of a Room

Light not only changes the size of the room -- it also transforms the feeling of the space. Darkness can feel gloomy or depressing. Adding more light to a room can also make it feel cozier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Light Alters Colors

The light quality coming from your fixtures also makes a big difference. Average lighting can cast a yellow glow around your room, changing the decor colors you worked so hard to pick out. Using high-CRI lighting such as P-tec's Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Downlight produces white light that keeps your colors looking the way you intended.

Remove Distractions

Though adding more light is a great design idea, changing the type of lighting you use can also boost the aesthetics of the room. For example, an ugly chandelier that dips down in the center of the room can be a design distraction. It is much better to go with lighting features that blend into the design of the room.

The right choice of lighting can also leave your space more streamlined. For instance, instead of using lamps or other lighting features that take up space, you could choose an Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Downlight that isn't intrusive to the design of your space.

The next time you decide a room needs a change, consider simply changing the lighting. You can make your room seem larger, cozier, or more elegant just by choosing the right lighting.