Improving the Quality of Office or Commercial Space by Switching to LED T8 Linear Lamps


Gone are the days that lighting only served the purpose of illumination. With the onset of contemporary lighting solutions such as LED T8 Tubes, spaces transform into art forms, and commercial space transforms into signature institutional identifiers. With the creative use of P-tec’s LED tubes, one has access to high color-rendering index solutions (in some cases greater than 90CRI). This gives all object the true rendering of their natural color. This is especially effective indoors in areas where natural light does not reach.

Switching to LED T8 Lamps is Easier Than You Think

Switching to LED lamps need not be a tedious process, especially in terms of replacing fluorescent lamps. For instance, the relative ease of switching to LED T8 lighting comes from the fact that our T8 linear lamps fit into most conventional linear tube fixtures. Moreover, P-tec offers select T8s that do not require ballast removal or rewiring. Simply pop them into place and forget about them for years to come.

LED T8s Consume Less

Conventionally, LED lighting products feature very low energy consumption. This, however, does not jeopardize the luminous intensity output from the tubes. Our energy-efficient LED T8 lamps are available in color temperature ranges from 2700 upwards, and luminous intensities that match or beat their fluorescent counterparts.

Eliminate Maintenance and Relamping

Virtually no maintenance costs and the exceptionally long lifetime of LEDs make them a truly revolutionary form of lighting. For instance, P-tec’s linear LED T8 lamps feature lifetimes of about 50,000 hours. This not only adds to the economic appeal, it also guarantees service for a long time and eliminates the need for relamping.