Researchers Show Low Temperature Deposition Of GaN For TFTs is reporting on a study that shows the possibility making flexible substrates by using Gallium Nitrate (GaN), instead of the usual amorphous Si.

Researchers at the Bilkent University in Turkey have grown GaN thin film transistors (TFT) with a thermal budget below 250 degC. The study, they say, demonstrates the possibility of using low-temperature atomic layer deposition (ALD)-grown GaN layers to make stable flexible/transparent TFT devices.

TFTs, usually based on amorphous Si (a-Si), are the driving elements of liquid crystal display technology. However, due to low carrier mobility in a-Si, high fabrication thermal budget, and strong absorption of visible light, a-Si is not suitable for flexible and transparent electronics applications. Transparent metal oxides, in particular ZnO, have been proposed instead but stability remains an important problem.