Bring LED Reliability to Display Cases 

P-tec offers a variety high-quality LED lighting options suitable for nearly any type of display case, including refrigerated.  
Use P-tec's T8, T5, or linkable hard strip to bring performance and longevity to 


Immersive Light for Merchandise

Traditional light sources can leave products looking flat. LEDs reduce the spill light that is typical of light sources like fluorescent, and make the merchandise in any display case pop. Making the switch to our linear LED lighting products also has additional benefits, such as: 

  • Dramatically reduces energy consumption

  • Light uniformity

  • Long lifetime

  • Reduced relamping costs

  • Diminished glare and shadows on products

  • Improves product visual appearance


Maximum Performance
at Cold Temperatures

Light output for typical linear fluorescent lamps has been shown to drop by around 25% when used in refrigerated and freezer cases. LEDs, on the other hand, perform optimally in cold temperatures, showing both an increase in light output and efficacy. In addition, LEDs are unaffected by rapid on/off cycling and reach their full brightness instantly. 



The Right Light

Choose from our three linear LED lighting solutions to get exactly what you need for your application.


LED T5 Tube 

Find datasheet here


LED Linkable Hard Strip

Find datasheet here



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